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To My Patients

My goal is to provide you with the finest dental care possible in an environment that recognizes your individuality. A well-informed patient, can make choices for a lifetime of comfort, function, health and appearance.

In addressing dental options, ask yourself what you want for the future of your mouth. Optimal dentistry can add immensely to your life. It can keep you healthy and attractive longer than if your mouth becomes problematic or if your teeth become unsightly and a daily source of aggravation and embarrassment. I believe it is important to evaluate every patient carefully and in a way that is understandable to you. Together we can define your own individual long-range dental health plan goals. To achieve our common goals we combine comprehensive evaluations, personal consultations, excellent dentistry, individualized home care, professional maintenance therapy, self-help instruction and monitoring of every step of your personally designed plan.

Optimal comfort, function, health and appearance with stability and longevity is possible with:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of not only the teeth and gums but also the temporomandibular joints, muscles, teeth biting patterns and aesthetics.
  • An individualized lifetime treatment plan that addresses your concerns and the findings of the examination designed after careful consideration of the examination data and your individual diagnosis.
  • Individualized treatment, self-care instructions and periodic recalls by the dental hygiene professional.
  • Repeating a comprehensive evaluation every 3-5 years.
  • Properly designed and executed restorative dentistry that is easily cleansable and with an occlusion (bite) that is engineered in such a way to optimize longevity.

Your thoughts, opinions and concerns matter! Unless you have an urgency or concern that needs to be addressed immediately, your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation which begins with me listening to you. So feel free to ask questions and make me aware of all issues or concerns that are important to you.

Chad J. Anderson, DMD